Gill Shreeve studied for a Masters in Fine Art at Newcastle University, UK, between 2016 and 2018. She graduated with distinction, gaining a prize for her studio work and research.

During her MFA, and with a long standing interest in way-finding and geography, Gill created spatial experiments and installations based from observations on her daily train journey between home and university. She also worked alongside the architecture department at the university on a collaborative project Engineering Experience.

Using drawing, installation, photographs, moving image and sculpture Gill investigates our perception of space, light and movement.

My work references the vitality of original experience, the presence and energy of first hand experience allowing us to way-find and make sense of our external and internal landscapes. This external internal dynamic, between the cognitive, psychological and physical worlds interests me. Ultimately, this act of sensing influences our interpretation of our surroundings and shapes our decision making.

Gill explores visual and perceptual ambiguities occurring at the point where material and immaterial interact, the action of materialisation and dematerialisation. She is interested in how understanding of our surroundings is shaped by our sensing and perception of movement, shift and transitioning. Her work prompts curiosity and questions rather than presenting resolutions.

Gill grew up in Devon, London and Yorkshire and has been a professional artist since 1989. She relocated from SW Scotland in 2016 to study at Newcastle University and is now based in Northumberland.